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Our Investment Criteria and Marketing & Sales Thought Process:

CF Partners Marketing & Sales Vision:
Our focus is to help our clients grow and become more profitable and competitive in their businesses by utilizing our investment, marketing & sales, and executive managment consulting experience.
How CF Partners Is Different - We are Strategic and Tactical:

We apply our extensive marketing and sales backgrounds to not only developing the vision, but recommending (and in some cases performing) much of the actual sales and marketing implementation. We can "stand in" as President or Senior VP's of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development as our client companies undergo change. We develop and implement a tightly focused and managed marketing and selling system that allows the marketing and sales vision to be implemented in the field.

We Achieve Measurable Results:

When performing research, we gather market information, as well as locate prospects when applicable. We design ways to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns or trade shows. We believe that the majority of a company's marketing budget should be yielding measurable results, so you can evaluate how to effectively focus your resources, budgets, time and targets.


Our Investment Criteria and Goals
  • The idea must be capable of rapidly expanding in the marketplace
  • The management team must be able to capitalize on the idea

  • The company must have a long term sustainable competitive advantage
  • The investment must have a logical entrance and exit for investors

CF Partners offers the benefits of 20 years of experience gained from mutliple startup and turnaround projects.