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CF Partners LLC Provides Services in the Following Areas:

    • Venture Capital Investment and Development
    • Acquisition Analysis and Due Diligence
    • Integrated Sales and Marketing Systems
    • Market Opportunity Assessment
    • Business Development
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Channel or Distribution Management
    • Market Research concerning:
      • Product Development
      • Acquisition or Investments
      • Customers
      • Target Marketing
  • Senior Management Advice and Counsel

Venture Capital Investment and Development:

  • Compelling Idea - Every entrepreneur believes his or her idea is compelling. The reality is that very few business plans present ideas that are unique. It is very common for investors to see multiple versions of the same idea over the course of a few months, and then again after a few years. What makes an idea compelling to an investor is that it reflects a deep understanding of a big problem or opportunity, and offers an elegant solution. This is the starting point for getting venture investors interested, but it is not sufficient. The idea alone does not make you fundable. You have to possess the rest of the ingredients below.

  • Team - You may have a great idea, but if you don’t have a strong core team, investors aren’t going to be willing to bet on your company. This doesn’t mean you need to have a complete, world-class, all-gaps-filled team. But the founders have to have the credibility to launch the company and attract the world-class talent that is needed to fill the gaps. The lone entrepreneur, even with all the passion in the world, is never enough. If you haven’t been able to convince at least one other person to drink the Kool Aid, investors certainly won’t.

  • Market Opportunity - Venture capital is focused on businesses that gain a competitive edge and generate rapid growth through technological and other advantages. If you are focused on technology, you should be targeting a sector that is not already crowded, where there is a significant problem that needs to be solved, or an opportunity that has not been exploited, and where your solution will create substantial value. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about how big the market is; it’s about how much value you can create.

  • Idea - What makes your idea so great? The correct answer is, “There are plenty of customers with plenty of money that want to buy it.” Not, “There are a few folks in my neighborhood with no money who think it’s cool.” Assuming you have a great idea right now, how are you going to sustain your advantage over the next several years? Patents alone won’t do it. You better have the talent or the partners to assure investors that you are going to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Competitive Advantage - Every interesting business has real competition. Competition is not just about direct competitors. It includes alternatives, “good enough” solutions, and the status quo. You need to convince investors that you have advantages that address all these issues, and that you can sustain these advantages over several years. A few years ago entrepreneurs could get away with saying that “competition validates my solution,” but today that’s not good enough.

  • Financial Projections - If the idea of developing credible financial projections makes you wince or wail, you are not an entrepreneur and you shouldn’t ask investors for money. Your projections demonstrate that you understand the economics of your business. They should tell your story in numbers—what drives your growth, what drives your profit, and how your company will evolve over the next several years.

  • Validation - Is there any evidence that your idea or solution will be purchased by your target customers? Do you have an advisory board of credible industry experts? Do you have a co-development partner within the industry? Do you have beta customers to whom investors can speak? Do you already have paying customers? The more credibility and customer traction you have, the more likely investors are going to be interested.

Acquisition Analysis and Due Diligence:

  • Time is of the essence and CF Partners responds quickly to gain current market feedback critical to understanding an investment decision. CF Partners excels at gaining feedback that is critical to assessing the current customer base, distribution channel, growth strategies and industry trends. Our "Executive Interviewing" technique – asking many open ended questions, allows us to gain the "story behind the story." Our associates are experienced business professionals, who can “listen for rumbles” …pinpointing any potential "blow-ups" looming on the horizon with customers and/or distribution channels. And portfolio companies can later use CF Partners Due Diligence information and analysis for developing new revenue sources from new market strategies, distribution channels or furthering their growth strategies.

Market Opportunity Assessment:

  • Evaluating and prioritizing new markets requires a careful examination of the opportunities within the potential markets. CF Partners takes a current, in-depth look at the overall market; utilizing research and interviews with industry experts (possibly within your company) to assess major drivers and market trends. Then CF Partners with you, develops a "Best Customer" profile – the characteristics of prospective companies that fit your company best. Then through background research we select those companies that best fit your "Best Customer" profile in the markets of interest. We develop a well-qualified list. And only then do we perform telephone interviews to gauge fit and interest – a very effective process. Through these steps, markets can be assessed and many times high potential prospects are found and critical information about the market of interest is found. Our focus is to help our clients identify and understand how to sell effectively in their "sweet spot".

Integrated Sales and Marketing Systems:

  • Sales situations change daily and must be set up for consistency and tracked for tactical fine tuning and strategic management. CF Partners can provide the sales and marketing setup for the installation of a fully integrated sales and marketing system. Our experience has shown that setting these systems up and consistently documenting the steps in the sales process, defining high, medium and low potential prospects; and adding FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) can increase revenue quickly. Consistently including where each account is in the selling process, conversation notes, level of interest and target market information, etc. - allows our clients to manage and fine tune their selling efforts, target marketing, media and trade show expenditures, product development and manage their sales funnel. These systems can be used to help your sales and marketing effort win more consistently over competition. Particularly critical in a down or changing market – and what market isn’t changing today.

Business Development:

  • CF Partners provides Business Development as an ongoing service. By combining our Strategic Marketing and Tactical Sales acumen on an ongoing basis, we provide "hot prospects" that fit our client's "Best Customer" profile and can be closed by your sales force. The steps include:

    • Determining our Client's "Best Customer" Profile
    • Analyzing the Market or Markets.
    • Selecting Accounts
    • Narrowing Potential Prospects to "Real Prospects"
    Developing Relationships

Our Business Development services also provide:

  • On-going research, analysis and continued selection of new prospects that fit our client's "Best Customer" profile 

Competitive Analysis:

  •  Your company’s strategic plan is at risk every day if you fail to understand your competition and position your company to succeed - on an ongoing basis. Knowing more than just who your competitors were yesterday is critical to your ongoing success! CF Partner' research can assist with not only identifying current and potential competitors, but also analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. We get the information straight from decision makers and influencers – the people that matter most in the sale. Our analysis then provides a current, unbiased assessment of how the market views your product, performance or brand against your competitors. And, more importantly, CF Partners provides a market driven strategy, positioning and sales methodology to outperform your competitors today and tomorrow.

Channel or Distribution Management:

Distribution channel options change constantly, particularly as new technology becomes available. We have extensive extraordinary experience with:

  • Direct Selling
  • Indirect Reps
  • Dealers and Distributors
  • System Integrators
  • Internet
  • Telephone prospecting, selling and market research

We work with companies to understand the "best" mix to be able to manage the channel(s) effectively and gain revenue quickly.

Market Research:

  • Our approach stresses “planning before the sale” with market feedback for effective, market driven revenue gains.  It is just that simple. But some companies have a lack of time or resources, pre-conceived ideas or an attitude of - “the way we’ve always done it”  And this causes them to not look to the market for needs, preferences, purchasing patterns and industry trends.

    Other companies rely on their sales force for market feedback.  This works for some issues, but many times feedback is an impression from the latest calls – not enough of a sample to understand the broader market or its niches.  

    For Market Research, we work together - you tell us your objectives, what you know and are sure of, and what you don’t know.  You then tell us the topics that are critical to your success and we will suggest other topics based on our years of experience – and thus a topic list for the market feedback is developed.  Our expertise shines when writing a logical guide, structuring the research to collect the right information in a logical flow and then analyzing the data to produce actionable results concerning your objectives.   Large samples are not needed, if the research uses open-ended questions that probe for the reasons why customers or prospects make decisions – our specialty.  Our market feedback process can allow you to:

    • Keep current customers satisfied
    • Target new customers and/or markets that have the best chance of producing revenue quickly
    • Prioritize your product development efforts
    • Understand industry trends or purchasing patterns to sell more effectively
    • Use present or new distribution channels effectively
    • Understand acquisition candidates and their strengths and weaknesses and industry trends that affect them
    • Plan results-oriented marketing communications
    Relevant and unbiased market feedback is critical to producing profitable revenue growth.

Senior Management Advice and Counsel:

  • CF Partners applies our extensive marketing and sales backgrounds to meet our client’s specific needs and goals.  We listen well and can assist with a “fresh approach” to understanding strengths and weaknesses from a current market view.  CF Partners provides assistance with strategic planning.  We can assist with not only developing the vision, but also, recommending (and in some situations performing) much of the actual sales and marketing implementation.  We can “stand in” for the President, or Senior VP’s of Marketing as companies undergo change.  Our expertise and experience allow us to develop and implement a customized and targeted marketing and selling system that fulfills the “vision” in the field and results in profitable growth.